Friday, August 27, 2010

Hong Kong Hustle

Last week, some of us were in the mood for something different. We decided on Chinese and headed out with the restaurant Saigon in mind. It was in the building where the first clue for TWU's Amazing Race landed us -- the place where no one knew they were supposed to give us a clue.

When we arrived, the sign on the door was something completely different: Hong Kong Hustle. We asked if this used to be Saigon. The place was empty and the answer was an eager enough "Yes!" that one had to wonder if the answer would've been the same no matter what we asked. As it turns out, the name change is true.

Please enjoy this Google Map.

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Recently, I'd been surprised to discover Orange Chicken doesn't exist in China or Hong Kong. From the very same colleague, I found out on this day that Szechuan Noodles weren't a real thing from China either. Still I ordered and realized that "Szechuan" is more often than not a synonym for spicy.

Two of our party went with the featured buffet. It wasn't like a Western buffet. The orders were placed by putting vegetables in a bowl, choosing rice or noodles, a sauce, and handing off to the chef. Appetizers started to come soon afterward. Then appetizers continued to come -- seemingly without being ordered. Those of us who hadn't had the buffet basked in the genius of this system; we were all clearly going to see how wonderful the buffet was even if we hadn't ordered.

After the main courses finished there was an ice cream dessert for our buffeteers. Then the check arrived, in a Hollywood film canister.
Hong Kong Hustle-Let Me Pay
Our goal was to pay with a credit card and break a Rs. 100 bill. We got halfway there -- paying with a credit card...and receiving the same Rs. 100 bill, folded differently.

Finally, I was able to cross something off my to-do list: getting a picture with a red-belt waiter. Hong Kong Hustle Waiter
I'm a bit on the tall side here. I like it.

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