Friday, September 10, 2010

100 ft Road Shopping

One of the first things a Westerner hears about coming to India is to pack light -- no need to bring a lot of clothes. The rationale being the clothes here are super cheap. After shredding my only pair of pants here in Mascal, it was clear I needed some clothes. The problem with this solution is how little I enjoy shopping for clothes. It took weeks, but finally I headed to some nearby shops on the famous 100 ft road.

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The first I ventured into was Adidas. Moisture-wicking shirts in the US go for about $40 when not on sale. It's actually the same cost here; roughly Rs. 2000 for a shirt. Onwards.

I see tons of people wearing Pepe Jeans. It's a brand from London that was surely reasonable. Unfortunately it was the same story -- 30 USD for a pair of jeans. Having not brought all that much cash with me, I moved onwards.

Finally I arrived at a place having a 60% off sale: Bossini. Upon further investigation, this company seems to do everything. Still, I was glad because I walked out paying less than Rs. 2000 ($43) for 2 pairs of jeans, a polo shirt, and an Indian robot shirt.

Indian Robot Shirt

Note The robot shirt is a shade of green


  1. I don't understand how you only had one pair of pants there. Did you walk around in a towel while they were line-drying?

  2. @Lindsey: I also brought pairs of shorts; short-pants if you will. It seemed like the better strategy while packing. When I got here, I found I strongly preferred putting on less mosquito repellant and wearing pants.