Friday, September 3, 2010

Diamond District: The Slightly Deeper Piece

Capturing the essence of the Diamond District is far from an easy task. One of the more odd things about the place is you instantly start to feel the rickshaw drivers know who is foreign (and thus comparatively rich) by hearing you're staying in the Diamond District. We've already seen the view from my apartment, so we'll start with my favorite part: the signs.

Here we can see a typical sign in the complex. It's typical in style, but not at all common in the way that the information is presented. The wordiness on these signs is uncanny. To make matters even better, the information is always displayed in a different (random?) order. Note the speed limit.
Diamond District Sign

From there we have the view of the amazing tennis court from Mummy Kyle's apartment. He's on the top floor of "A Block", so he gets a tremendous view. Hilariously, we aren't allowed to use the tennis courts. Given the fact that several of our security guards salute us, we doubt it'd be much of a problem if we bought some rackets and balls.
Diamond District Tennis Courts

The apartments here are quite diverse (on the inside). The block formation makes things easy, but also a little less interesting. Again, here is the view from Kyle's balcony. The cookie-cutter housing style really stands out from the 7th floor.
Diamond District Blocks

I'd love to get a great picture of outside the district. Unfortunately it's positioned in such a way that many obstacles impede the view. When the view is not impeded, you're often thinking of how to survive crossing the street. Instead, we'll have to do with the following.
Diamond District from Airport Road

To get a better picture of why it is so difficult to think of taking a picture of the Diamond District from outside, I present you with an image of crossing the street during rush hour.
Crossing Airport Road

Needless to say, our minds are often on the task at hand as we attempt to make it to the other side.

Note The street-crossing issue is also discussed in the Highly Anticipated Indian Street Dog Exposé


  1. There is a great view of the other side(i.e outside) of diamond district from my apartment.

  2. I think I would get into an accident while reading a traffic sign.

  3. I would like to know how to quantify dead slow. If it is dead obvious, no one would get anywhere!? ...This is actually Shannon but Danny's account is saved on this computer... :)