Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fifth and Final Pecha Kucha Night

Wednesday night of the last week meant it was time to gear up for ThoughtWorks University XVIII's final Pecha Kuchas. These presentations have been the highlight of the trip for me and I can't believe we went through them so fast. As is to be expected at this point (sorry, TWU XIX), we had another phenomenal round of speakers.

A record 33% of tonight's speakers mentioned me. The topics we covered tonight weren't always given away by their titles (or first slides).

  1. Humour by Rohit
  2. The Family by Nitin
  3. What Have We Learned From Our Mistakes? by Sanjiv
  4. Be A Career Super-Hero by Sumeet
  5. Canadian Winter Demystified by Felix
  6. Mr. Bean by Kiran
  7. Homebrewing by Julie
  8. The Truth About Tigers by Chirdeep
  9. Breathing by Derek [Video]

I was able to capture all of Sumeet's Super-Heros presentation on video. With his permission, it is reproduced here.

Note Sanjiv is from the last TWU batch. He was one of the organizers for the TWU Amazing Race

Challenge bonus points available for those who can guess the three which mentioned me (email submissions OK)

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