Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Highly Anticipated Blogger Blog Stats Exposé

As referenced in my Pecha Kucha for ThoughtWorks University XVIII, I set the enormous arbitrary goal of achieving 100 hits on my blog. Since that time, we here at the blog (me) have had a number of questions about what the actual numbers are. Without further ado, let's break them down as of 11:59pm 2010-Aug-31.

Note metrics began August 13th.

The average visitor...

  • Stays 8:32
  • Views 3.64 pages (posts)

In total, users...

  • visited 309 times
  • were 86 unique people
  • are from 6 countries in North America, South America, and Asia
  • in the US are from 10 states
  • from Michigan have arrived 106 times

Of note...

The night of the Pecha Kucha saw 44 hits from 29 people. The days before and after each saw 11 hits.

Seriously, wow.


  1. So do I actually add a continent to your statistics as your first European visitor?
    Cheers, Olaf

  2. @Olaf:

    Yes, first from Europe. Welcome aboard!