Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Famous Pizza: BJ's of Los Angeles Edition

"So let me get this guys all came from Chicago to get LA deep dish pizza?

We're pretty fortunate to have an adjacent team from the Chicago office working just 10 miles from us in California. Occasionally we get together for cross-team dinners. Monday was such an event. We chose BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, known for their deep dish pizza.

BJ's Nutritional Guide

"Really? You got that? It's a brewhouse for crying out loud!"

Monday also saw the addition of another member to our team. Five weeks in and we welcomed our first person in the QA role, Kurman. It wasn't long until a drinking competition broke out between he and I.

In addition to the locally-famous pizza, BJ's is also known for its micro-brewed beer. My interest was piqued by a sold-out micro-brew root beer initially, but I ended up following Kurman's lead with a series of lemonades. Strawberry Lemonades, of course.

After just four, I was declared the winner.

Strawberry Lemonade at BJ's

LA Lesson #1 Never hesitate on freshly-squeezed strawberry lemonade.

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  1. how are there no comments on this?! I love it! you had me going for a moment...I thought you got into microbrew!