Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Bollywood to Hollywood

"The grass sure isn't growing under your feet."

Perhaps one of my favorite remarks so far by a fellow ThoughtWorker upon meeting me. I was lucky in that just two days after being hired I was off to India. By the time I got back I was already staffed on a project. Now that my first week on a billable project is wrapping up, it feels relevant to announce that this developer has had the great fortune of spending just four days on the beach.

I'd love nothing more than to report the amazing weather my first week in Los Angeles has been. I seem to have brought the rain with me in my well-packed Space Bags®, though. Can you believe a week's worth of clothes fit into these?

Week's Worth of Clothes

I can dutifully report the view from our office. On the days when it wasn't raining, I was able to snap a few pics from indoors. I wouldn't say LA feels anything like Chicago. It's much more like a giant suburb than a city, with relatively few towering buildings.

LA Sprawl

Still, there is a skyline of sorts. Hopefully we'll make it out of the office in the next few weeks to enjoy some of it!

LA Skyline [of Sorts]


  1. Is your experience so far not necessarily the norm for TW? Generally more time at the beach?

  2. @Julie:

    It isn't uncommon to spend several months on the beach, though that certainly isn't ideal for anyone. I'm not sure how often one is able to get on a project in under a week.