Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strategy Pattern: Voluntarily Bumped

I was scheduled to fly out of LAX last Thursday night when a rather intriguing message flashed across the status update screens. The airline was looking for volunteers to take the next flight instead.

I headed up to the customer service counter with several thoughts running through my mind, mostly revolving around the following equations.

  1. 11:15pm takeoff + 4 hour flight + 2 hour time change = 5:15am landing
  2. landing at 5 and sleeping until 2 = sleeping until 5 and landing at 2

To my great delight, the customer service agent joyfully placed me on the next flight with a couple of bonus compensation items.

  • $15 meal voucher
  • free hotel voucher
  • $400 airline voucher

For the meal voucher I indulged in my favorite ultra-expensive juices

Bumped: Free Meal

Needless to say I've now adopted a new strategy for my frequent travels: Voluntary Bumping

Note From what I hear, compensation is negotiable and bumps can be chained. Let the fun begin!

Note Odwalla juices are simply delicious. If you've never tried one, I'd recommend the SuperFood


  1. I want your life. Let's trade and see if anyone notices.

  2. your uncle Kev will be proud, I'm sure