Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekending: The Plan

To work in IT consulting is to travel. Depending on both perspective and the structure of one's life, this can exist anywhere on the spectrum from deal-breaker to unbelievable benefit. Fortuitously enough, I'm loving the travel.

It's for this reason a plan came to me during the middle of a November night. I sprang up from my comfortable hotel bed and grabbed the nearest lightbulb — it illuminated immediately, letting me know the significance of said idea.

100-365 Bright Idea For Shot 100 100-365 Bright Idea For Shot 100 by bcymet on Flickr

The idea was a simple one: embrace the layover. It met all of my criteria:

  • Monday-Thursday in Los Angeles
  • Friday in Chicago, the Miami of Canada
  • Weekends in alternate locations

In early December the idea was implemented:

Thursday, 11:15pm PDTDepart LAX
Friday, 6:00am CDTArrive ORD
Friday, 12:00am CDTArrive at Office
Friday, 8:00pm CDTDepart ORD
Friday, eveningArrive somewhere
Sunday, 8:00pm CDTDepart somewhere
Sunday, eveningArrive LAX

Needless to say, a very busy Friday was in the works...but where would it end?

Note I still haven't migrated to the compact fluorescent idea bulb, because it takes too long to illuminate.
Fun Fact The blue used in the table above is Lake Michigan Blue.

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