Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to do Holiday Grab Bag

Traditionally on or around Christmas, my dad's side of the family gets together. The cast isn't always the same, but one tradition is: grab bag.


The deal with grab bag is that one must adhere to certain rules, which can change depending on the year. Examples include:

  • No food
  • Made in a specific location
  • One must shop for one's own gift

Gift Selection

Selecting a gift should

  1. adhere to all the rules of the particular year
  2. be unexpected
Naturally, I chose an eco-friendly door mat.

The Gift


Strictly speaking, decoys are an optional part of the tradition. I prefer to include them, because these gifts are likely to be shaken, rattled, and, yes, rolled.

Level 1

Level-1 Decoy

Don't forget to label your decoy

Always Label Your Decoys Appropriately

And position it appropriately

Position Level-1 Decoy

Level 2

My 2nd layer of decoy is planted within the packaging.

Level-2 Decoy Rattler


If one is going to shop for his or herself, one may as well create the packaging as well. Kids tend to create the most memorable packaging, especially when young. That's a tradition that I like to keep alive with my fine paper craftsmanship.

Finished Grab Bag

The Riddle

Lastly, and new this year, is the riddle.

The Riddle

Fun Fact Riddles are now required

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