Saturday, December 24, 2011

Netflix, for Consultants

Try This One on for Size

What's in a name, really? Let's hope nothing, because all I have for this one is "Netflix, for Consultants." It's one of those ideas born from necessity, as I scrambled a few weekends ago to find a shirt that could be buttoned without a pulley system.

IMG_7312this contraption could potentially put any size shirt on a person
IMG_7312 by FrankenmuthFun on Flickr

The necessity is obvious and the mechanics are quite simple. Here's the typical workflow for a user of "Netflix, for Consultants."

  1. wear shirt
  2. send in shirt
  3. receive slightly larger shirt

NOTE patent not pending [by me], feel free to run with it.

Fun Fact consultants tend to eat almost exclusively at restaurants. McNuggets and abs have an inverse relationship.


  1. Added bonus they'll arrange an intervention when you outgrow their largest shirt.

  2. You should talk to these guys: