Sunday, February 12, 2012

de Young

Last weekend das girlfriend and I invested in a trip to the de Young Museum in San Francisco. They were having a special exhibition on Masters of Venice. Being the fine Italian painting connoisseur that I am, it was naturally at this exhibit that I learned Leonard da Vinci wasn't from Venice.

The paintings themselves ranged from Eh, I think I could do that to Whoa. Is that a photo? Which is probably roughly where my explanation of the artistry should end.

Less than thrilled was Ginger when encountering the still life portion of the museum. It seemed that her reaction to the subject of bread could be a work of art all its own, so naturally I pulled out my camera.

Ginger vs Bread Slice

Ginger vs The Slice

Ginger vs Bread Stack

Ginger vs Bread Stack

Fun Fact One of the permanent exhibits features Canadian art that's hundreds of years old. I never knew how popular cribbage was until spotting upwards of 40 boards.

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