Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Game Night

A few days after Christmas we got a crew of six together for some board games, lots of laughs, and general good times. The guilty parties included my girlfriend, mom, sister, friend-of-the-family-for-so-long-she-is-family Rose, former roommate Ken, and myself. Here we all are in a round of Toronto's pride: Beyond Balderdash.


The classic dice game started the night, but with a twist shamelessly stolen from Ginger's family: instead of beginning with three chips, we bought in with three quarters. The winner took the pot of $6.00 as well as a Michigan Instant Lottery Ticket.

After a few rounds of LCR, we took up one of my favorite games of all time: Beyond Balderdash. Highlights included defining
  • acronym LTAB as "Love Trumps All, Baby!"
  • word tankle as everything from "a tank top for your ankle" to tinkle "... at a velocity greater than one can possibly imagine"


When all was said and done, everyone had taken at least one lottery ticket and my sister walked off with 2012's Balderdash trophy.

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