Friday, August 20, 2010

Bangalore's Junk Food

The majority of what I'm eating here has been paid for by the company. For the most part, we're talking about quite delicious food that is very fresh. This post is instead about the junk food. If Coke and Pepsi are a good barometer, and in my opinion they absolutely are, preservatives don't seem to exist here.

The prices are ridiculously cheap on their own. Couple that with the exchange rate I got upon arrival was $1 = Rs. 46.4, and these prices are shockingly low. Junk food felt like a good vehicle for comparison to the American market.

12 Tiger Gluclose Biscuits | (Rs. 4 = $0.0862)

Tiger Glucose Biscuits

Kinley 1L Bottled Water by Coca-Cola | (Rs. 15 = $0.323)

Kinley Bottled Water

Thums Up 1L Cola by Coca-Cola | (Rs. 22 = $0.474)

Thums Up Cola

Lay's "American Style" Cream & Onion Chips | (Rs. 20 = $0.431)

"American style" chips

Note these prices hold for similar products, so a 1L Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite all cost about $0.47 in every place I've been. They taste a bit different too, actually using real sugar. In the first week, I've actually spent less than $3

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