Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pizza in India

In the giant list of things I was tipped-off about when making my way to India, one of the more surprising was pizza. At home, pizza is one of the cheapest ways to eat out. Here, pizza is like a delicacy -- it costs almost as much as in the US (after converting!). The sizes are also much smaller. A large here is about at medium at home.

So, what are the pizza places?

Exactly who you'd expect in the US:

So far, I've had Domino's and Papa John's

Not being fond of The Hut, and not wanting to deal with a phone order, we opted for Domino's online ordering on Thursday night. Or tried to.

I guess ordering online has a fraud problem here? I can't come up with any other explanation for why I need to type in a phone number and wait for a text with my "happiness code" before I can actually order. I also can't come up with a reason for why their website is written in Flex and generally doesn't work. We ended up calling to place an order after waiting far too long for a happiness code. Moments after the order was complete, our happiness code had been delivered.
Indian Dominos Box

The pizza is pretty good, but it doesn't really taste like the stuff at home. When compared to everything else, it's hard to believe a large is worth Rs. 350-400, but hey, who am I to compare markets?

For the ever-curious, I had a cheese.

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