Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roomali With a View

By popular demand, we're going to be covering the apartment in more detail, perhaps much much much more detail. It's been pouring down rain for most of the day, so for now we'll stick to the view from inside the apartment.
Roomali with a ViewNote I've never eaten at this restaurant

Before we begin, we should note I'm on the first floor in a central position in the district. A few colleagues have stunning marble balconies with views that extend for miles. Interesting to note that these are all owned and leased by different people. Possibly more interesting is the extreme variance in the chalets.

The view from the living room is pretty nice, especially for facing another building. I have to say the tropical plants here are beautiful, and the weather is mostly wonderful.
From the Living Room

The kitchen doesn't have a noteworthy view. I believe we're seeing a power substation here. Fun fact: the system handles 11,000 volts. They must've known I was coming, because they put up a sign so I didn't even have to ask.
From the Kitchen

I also have a balcony. It's not quite as glamorous as the marble ones mentioned above, though. If you can even believe it, I haven't ventured out here.
From the Bedroom 1

And I wasn't about to for the first time in the rain...
From the Bedroom 2

I'm not sure how I feel about the bars on the windows. It's classic debate -- On one hand, they add some character, are ornate, and make the cost of breaking in much higher. On the other, the very presence of bars on windows doesn't exactly make me feel safer in the area I'm in. It's hard to tell about the security of a place that is so new.

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  1. The view from the kitchen looks kinda nice. I'm glad the bars are swirly. That's a nice touch.

    I want to see inside the apartment.