Thursday, August 19, 2010

TWU Amazing Race (part 2)

In the last post we took a look at the beginning of the Amazing Race events.

The second event? Darts. Darts in the park. The kids from Chicago were assumed to be good at this, because it's an American game. Unfortunately darts to Americans isn't the same as cricket to Indians. We adjusted the rules slightly: If a dart hit the board, it was worth 5 points; if it somehow landed on the bullseye, it was 15 points.

Darts in Park

Then began the mummification process. We took the tallest, and slenderest, member of our team and mummified him to the nth degree with toilet paper. It was quite funny to see the crowd of park-goers gathering at this point. By the end, our mummy couldn't see, though he did claim he could breathe.

Mummy Kyle

The last phase was coming up when I spotted some graffiti. This graffiti wasn't in the style of Detroit or Chicago though. This property defacement was so different I needed a picture.

Indian Graffiti

Finally it was time for the Amazing Race. We all started with one clue, 1.5 hours, and a beginning location. Our team's location was MG Road, which was covered in depth here. We ran there from the park, solving the clues between strides. Lucky for us a 25-year local of Bangalore was on our team.

The race involved tons of running. The first clue lead us to a restaurant where no one knew they were supposed to give us the next clue. We finally wrangled it out of them somehow and ran down the road to the next location. This continued for an hour, with local knowledge playing an incredibly important role.


An extraordinarily cramped ride in an auto-rickshaw


Sprinting through a downpour -- monsoon season is not over

Flagging a driver down and hitchhiking in his car -- 6 of us in a compact

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