Monday, September 13, 2010

Bangalore's #1 Socialite

Wednesday at lunch last week, our TWU colleague Vatsal was on the phone. One thing led to another and soon I was on the phone. It was a short, but good chat with one of his best friends.

A few days passed and the weekend arrived. Four other TWU-ers, plus me and three friends arrived. One of those friends was none other than the girl I had a phone conversation with -- Paulami. She also happened to be Bangalore's #1 socialite, knowing the manager of every bar in town.

Our place of choice was a club in UB City. The place featured top 40 music, which effectively meant my requests were met with blank stares. This was my first time in a club, though I think I blended in pretty well.

Test-Driving a New Experience

Why the laptop? I was heavily inspired by Atreyee's Pecha Kucha last week, which focused on test-driving new experiences.

One of the perks of showing up to a social venue with a well-connected person is the immediate access to the DJ. I tried for quite a while to get something I knew to rock the place, but time after time my requests fell on deaf ears. Frustrated, I shifted gears.

Me "Okay about a dedication?"
DJ "To?"
Me ""
DJ "Blogspot? No. No URLs."
Eventually, we reached a compromise.

Fun Fact 1 Command issued at time of picture: rake test:units

Fun Fact 2 A waiter brought us some fries midway through the night. We thought someone in our group must've ordered them and began to indulge. Shortly thereafter, the waiter hurried back, took them off our table, and proceeded to place them on the table next to us...where the party began to eat the fries.

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  1. This is a bit disturbing. I don't understand how you would feel comfortable enough to have your mac in a club.