Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A "Comfortable" Round Three of Pecha Kucha

Wednesday flew by as I spent the day pairing with a trainer for the first time. For those interested in slightly more detail, we worked on implementing flash scope in our web application. It's basically a nice way to handle things like error messages from forms. I also created my first ever Java Annotation.

Ted & IanPair programming example from a2gemma on Flickr.

As we came to night, it was time for another round of Pecha Kucha. These presentations just keep getting more and more fun. We had a full docket tonight of 10 speakers. A few even mentioned this blog!

  1. The Laws of Attraction by Rashmi
  2. Soul Theory by Shweta
  3. History of Hacking by Navneet
  4. Life Lessons from World of Warcraft by Sherry
  5. ThoughtWorks' Leadership Team
  6. TDD Applied to First Timers by Atreyee
  7. A Brief History of Nursery Rhymes by Namrita
  8. The Yellow Book by JK
  9. The World of Advertising [Video] by Sneha
  10. More than Words by Richard

For information on the title of this post, you'll have to check out "More than Words", which Richard asked me to record. Always ready for an opportunity to use my iPhone®, we now have video. I think it's fair to say this blog and trip would be far less interesting to hear about with this little wonder device.


  1. What is comfortable code for? Was that specific one in there?

  2. @Lindsey: Yes, it was referring to the crocs. "Those look...*comfortable*"