Friday, September 17, 2010

Request-A-Post: Dessert

Each and every weekday at TWU, we undergrads have the privilege of catered lunch. It's generally colorful, delicious, and at times predictable.

Colorful Lunch

Wednesday is the only meat-day. There is usually one dish in the buffet-style line toward the end with chicken. Most days have a specific order to the buffet:

  1. Pick up plate
  2. Walk by forks
  3. Get flat bread
  4. Get flavorful rice
  5. Get white rice
  6. Choose dal or curry
  7. View the extras, including sweets
  8. Sit down
  9. Realize you forgot fork

Lunchtime Sessions

Occasionally we have lunchtime sessions by the trainers. It's on such days that we tend to eat around circular tables.


It was requested this picture be taken in honor of the number of sweets present at this table: 24.

"You're only supposed to take one!"

Note It's not really a requirement to only take 1 sweet.

Note Sweets here are way sweeter than anything I've ever tasted.

1 comment:

  1. LMAO at 2 & 9.

    You should have little arrows on the picture, because I do not know what on that table is sweet.

    I may have Indian food tonight. For the first time ever, I believe.