Saturday, March 3, 2012

Small World

I've been lucky enough to spend 4+ months in some major cities over the past few years. During this time, I've had some déjà vu when meeting new people.

Let's review, in classic dialogue format.

Chicago, I'm actually from Detroit originally.
Person AHey! Me too. Go Blue!
Person BWow! Did you guys say you're from Detroit? So am I.
6 more people join in as the conversation turns to Michigan vs Michigan State.

Los Angeles, I grew up near Detroit.
TeammateReally? I'm from Huntington Woods!

Little Rock, I'm actually from Detroit originally.
TeammateWhat! Do you know Eminem? Have you ever been to 8 Mile?

San Francisco

Barber...and people think the tenderloin neighborhood is dangerous, but I'm from Detroit, so...
MeWeird... Me too.

Let's Form a Hypothesis


11-08-09 by idovermani on Flickr

Certainly were I member of the scientist group pictured above, we'd be forming hypotheses about any of the following:

  • Every US city is 90% Michigan-based
  • Eminem has overtaken Henry Ford as the most famous Detroiter
  • Detroit is the planet's toughest city
  • Detroiters tell more people where they're from than persons of other cities

Naturally, there is a photoset.


  1. You omitted the "Detroit is in pretty rough shape". "I got out!"

    1. True, but that hypothesis has been investigated a few times.

  2. I can never get away with saying I'm from Detroit.