Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burritos: "Why Would You Do That?"

There continues to be surprising interest in the food here from the West. I'm happy to report here on a few more things I've discovered.

New for me during this trip is eating breakfast. While it's often too early for me to have something spicy, I make sure to always get juice. The best mixed fruit juice I've ever had is here. The mango juice is quite good as well, and this is the first time I've tasted the extra-sweet litchi.

Litchi Juice

Lunch is something different every day, with a common element of laughter. In the US we have Chipotle, Qdoba, and the like everywhere. What makes this important? A burrito like this is a common meal.

Chipotle Beef Burrito"Chipotle Beef Burrito" by Khaz on Flickr

We don't have tortillas here, but we often have chapati. Chapati is like a tortilla made of wheat. Rice is also served, so I tend to make mini burritos. This always encourages stares and inspires laughter with a quote.

"What you're doing there...with the rice and chapati, is just too weird. Why on earth would you have rice and bread? Nobody does that."
Which is a fair point. They are both of the same food group. Unsurprisingly, I'm not the only American to be pulling this maneuver.

For dinner during last night's Pecha Kucha, we ordered some excellent wraps from Kaarti Zone. The wraps came in a box in several types. I went for paneer last night, which is supposedly similar to cottage cheese (though it doesn't taste it). It was so good that some of us ordered it again tonight. I went with the also-delicious chicken.

Wrap in a Box

Fun Fact paneer is completely lacto-vegetarian (no eggs).


  1. "In the US we have Chipotle, Qdoba, and the like (nearly) everywhere."

    Suggested correction. There is no such thing here.

  2. you have EGG in Paneer back home?

  3. @Lindsey: Whoops! Almost everywhere.

    @Pankhuri: Not that I know of. I was just stating it as a general fact.

  4. I agree, you don't need rice and bread together!