Friday, October 1, 2010

The Highly Anticipated Blogger Blog Stats Exposé: September Edition

It's becoming more and more fun to write these posts for three reasons:

  1. My [famous] week one Pecha Kucha set the bar for 100 visits
  2. The questions continue to roll in: "How many hits?"
  3. Who doesn't love a little transparency?
September August 13 thru
September 30
Unique Visitors 223 277
Visits 649 962
Page Views 2,152 3,283
Average Time 6:10 6:54

September Visitor Location Leaders

13 countries on five continents make up the September visitors. August's vistors were from 6 countries on four continents.

  1. Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 262
  2. [Metro] Detroit, Michigan, US - 114
  3. Chicago, Illinois, US - 54
  4. Galesburg, Illinois, US - 52
  5. Denver, Colorado, US - 39

September's Most Popular Posts

  1. Dance Night at the Orphanage
  2. Bangalore's #1 Socialite
  3. Free as in Freedom: Funniest Pecha Kucha Talk Ever
  4. A "Comfortable" Round Three of Pecha Kucha
  5. But What About The Actual University?

Fun Fact If you Google earliest hot shower, I'm now surprisingly in the top five results.


  1. LMFAO. I'm on the internet wayyyyy too much. Specifically, your corner of the internet.

  2. dude, "sghill" is becoming famous day by day. I just read your name in one of the future TWU grad's blog. make this your permanent blog and keep it active!